Jul. 19.17 – New. Wound Up and King Cage

We’re stocking a couple of new items in the online shop, including Wound Up forks as a single item, and King Cage bottle cages.

We use Wound Up forks on a lot of our builds now, the DSS2 in particular, because they offer unbeatable stability, vibration dampening and torsional stiffness. The company has been around since the nineties and their products continue to set the bar for superior design and function.

The filament winding process used to manufacture a Wound Up fork is borrowed from aerospace engineering – testament to the forks’ durability if nothing else. Obviously, we really rate them and are stoked to be selling the Gravel version with IS disc mount and mudguard eyes through the shop.

Also handmade in the USA are the King Cage bottle cages. These simple, classy cages are manufactured from stainless steel tubing that promises not to mark your bottles. We’re stocking a choice of their classic SS or contemporary Iris designs. Simple and stylish.

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