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Ultimate modern custom town bike | Donhou Bicycles

Apr. 25.17 – The ultimate modern town bike

At first glance this build seems like a classic town run-around, but look a little closer and you’ll see that it’s very much a modern beast.

The frame is built completely with Reynolds 953 – that’s a stainless steel with a remarkably high strength to weight ratio. The fact it’s stainless gives a really excellent level of weather resistance and also allowed us to create the super-fine detailing on the frame. You’ll notice we’ve left the frame unpainted in some places to create a really eye-catching box-lined effect. It looks especially amazing when the brushed, unpainted sections catch the light. The fenders are painted stainless too, to continue the effect through the whole build.

The sleek look of this Midnight Green beauty is really enhanced with the clean, custom stem and bars, while the locking top-cap adds a bit of extra security. The fork and front rack are also custom-made for this build, allowing us to give the customer exactly the right specifications – in this case, as a professional photographer, he needed enough room on the rack to carry his camera bag securely.

The bike runs fixed and is propelled with a Gates Carbon Drive belt. This is a winner for any sort of urban riding, requiring no maintenance and going for many, many miles before wearing out. Disc brakes add the assured stopping power you need for emergency stops in unpredictable London traffic.

A braze-on bell mount, exposed stainless at the top of the seat tube top and on the fender tips, and Brooks saddle add the finishing details.

Often the greatest pleasure in building someone’s perfect bike for them comes from actually seeing them on it – when the owner collected this one it was immediately clear it was a match made in heaven. 



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