August 6.15 – Thomas’ street bruiser 

Thomas wasn’t sure what he wanted when he first came to us. Did he want a Sunday best road bike, or perhaps something a little more unique? After much deliberation he went down the unique route, embracing all the possibilities of using a custom frame builder to get something that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

After several conversations, we decided on putting together a bit of a street bruiser, something sturdy and a lot of fun to do the daily commute on and general riding around town. The frame is built from Reynolds 853 with a custom bar/stem combo, it’s hydraulically braked, belt-driven for low maintenance and runs thru-axles front and back for a super responsive ride. All wrapped up in the awesome flat frost blue paint finish.

For componentry we went with an English theme, with the hydraulic discs, hubs and headset coming from Hope in Lancashire; the cranks provided by Middleburn from Hampshire; and the Brooks England saddle and handle bar grips.

The Hope hubs are laced to H+Son Archetype rims, while the belt drive is by Gates Carbon Drive and the forks are Whisky Thru-Axle.

We think this one turned out beautifully and it certainly gained a lot of admirers when we showed it at Bespoked earlier this year in Bristol.

For more pictures visit the gallery.

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