December 18.14 – Signature Steel Cyclist Magazine Test

Cyclist Magazine recently had one of the Signature Steel DSS1’s on test in their January issue and had some fantastic things to say about it. Having been blown away by just how much of a joy the DSS1 is to ride and how well it handles the road, here are a few snippets to give you an idea:

“Its got ample spring in its step and a level of comfort that will save you winces if you encounter, as I did, the occasional pothole disguised as a puddle.”

“Over several weeks of testing, with a handful of other highly desirable, top-end carbon bikes sat by its side in the garage, I found myself repeatedly picking the Donhou for a ride.”

“Donhou has sincerely delivered on the promise of something ‘for all roads, all day’. Its a charming bike”

If you want to experience the amazing ride quality and feel of genuinely hand crafted steel, then you can find the full specification and pricing here.