May 7.11 – Roger’s Road Bike

Roger came to me talking about stainless and bi-lam, I was instantly excited about this build! We opted for 853 and Reynolds new stainless steel – 931. The bi-lam works perfectly for this build, there is true inherent beauty in the construction technique of this frame, with the stainless almost piercing through the paint. To compliment the fillet brazing on the frame we built a fillet brazed unicrown fork keeping that smooth steel look.

Roger’s nick name is Tigger, he has a tendency to race everything, dragging cars and dancing centre lines. He wanted this reflected in his bike. With the combination of paint and stainless the whole thing flashes and dances, perfectly representing Rogers riding style…

The bike is built up with Chris King hubs and headset, HED Ardennes rims, Campag’ Super Record group set and Ritchey finishing kit.

Higher res pics in the Gallery, and thanks to the lovely Kayti for taking the studio shots.