Dec. 19.17 – Rob’s custom winter road bike

A custom road bike is an investment, so having something that’s equipped for year round riding makes a lot of sense. That’s exactly what Rob asked us for – a winter-ready, fast and beautiful road bike that he could ride come rain or shine, something that could be comfortably thrashed round the outer circle of Regent’s Park in London or taken into the country lanes. This build is to be Rob’s only bike, regardless of weather or time of year, so it had to be tough and durable, as well as quick.

We built the frame with Reynolds 853, the British company’s highest quality, highest strength, seamless air-hardening steel, with a custom bi-lam seat cluster giving the join between seat tube and top tube a clean and modern look.

With an electronic Ultegra Di2 groupset this is going to be one smooth-shifting ride, while the hydraulic discs add the ‘stop on a sixpence’ responsiveness Rob will need when he’s hammering it in a paceline past London Zoo or going after it on a technical descent.

The paint scheme is a nod to the beautiful blue azzurro of Italian football shirts, mixed with a really rich, lustrous red for the chain and seat stays at the back of the frame. The red pops up again on the bike’s headtube – helping the brazed-on silver Donhou head badge to really stand out – and on the custom-painted mudguards.