January 07.15 – Rebecca Kaye’s Gravel Racer

Becky had her first Donhou a couple of years back, a beautiful 650c CMYK track bike. Shortly after she comisinioned her second, but this time one that she can ride a bit further, a gravel racer suited to the wild and empty tracks and roads of the Scottish Highlands.

Becky is a very talented illustrator and I’m sure a lot of you are probably already familiar with her work. Her latest project though is the Middle of Nowhere website, documenting the wilderness of Scotland and other similarly inspiring places around the world. Its a great project with incredible photography for anyone that yearns for the empty road. For all this exploration Becky needed a suited bike and here it is all painted up in its Middle of Nowhere livery.

So that Becky has a bike thats fits and handles perfectly for her size we built it around 26″ wheels. Constructed from Reynolds 853 the frame and fork has plenty of tire clearance so it can even run treaded MTB tires if the terrain requires it. Finished with a mix of SRAM Force and Rival and running the awesome limited edition Chris King Turquoise hubs and headset its a stunning looking bike and the perfect tool for wild exploring…

As always, thanks to George Marshall for the studio shots.

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