Oct 13.15 – Rapha + Liberty

This bike is available to order, please get in contact if interested.

You may have seen some early releases from the Women’s Rapha + Liberty collection out on your travels of late, with the distinctive printed caps – their patterns sourced deep from within the Liberty archives. The full collection however comprises clothing for both road cycling and more casual city use, so Rapha asked us to help celebrate the collection by creating two different custom builds; one a road bike (pictured), the other a townie.

The road bike is built around a thoroughbred custom frame, using a mix of Columbus’ Spirit and HSS steels. Fine fillet brazing work creates a smooth, streamlined look. Dura-Ace drivetrain and ENVE rims, stem and bars are included to offer a great quality riding experience. The geometry is all about speed and the frame is built to the specs of a female rider.

The real standout of this build though is the paint scheme – it’s inspired by a print from the Liberty archive which has been used on the pieces created for the Rapha + Liberty collection. Using a black candy, we faded the design from the front of the bike to back, creating depth for miles and that super-dynamic look. Combined with the precision placement of black dots on the pearl blue base it’s a lovely way of expressing what the bike (and the collection) is about – beauty, fluidity, and speed.

If you look carefully you’ll spot an emblem on the seat tube – between the stays – which is a little nod to the Liberty Cup, a women bike race run by the department store from 1901. To create the badge we worked from an illustration of the original cup, then created a laser-cut, stainless steel badge, which was then brazed onto the frame. Discovering little stories like this is one of the great things about working with a historic British brand like Liberty.

Take a look at the Rapha site for more on the collection. Or if you would like to see the bike in the flesh it is currently on display in Liberty.

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