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Using traditional methods but not afraid to throw in a few modern ones we build beautiful bicycles. They’re built with the foundations of clear thinking and a love for working with the customer and the design process in which your dream bicycle is translated from mind to physical being. Parts are sourced from the UK as much as possible and its important to be as gentle on our world as we can. But in the end, it’s handing over your bicycle knowing that it is truly an extension of yourself and both of us excited about the road that lays in front of it…

Each frame is built in house one at a time by hand. From picking, cutting and shaping the tubes right the way through to the final coat of paint, it is a full custom build and experience. Every detail is thought over to make sure you receive a perfect bike in aesthetics, fit and ride. You can be involved as much or as little in the design process as you like – riding is about the experience and at Donhou so is the building. For each build there is a high quality illustration supplied so you know exactly what your frame/bike will look like when it is finally handed over to you.

Full builds are offered and this is encouraged as it allows absolutely every aspect of your bike to be dialed in.

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