If you are interested in a ‘Signature Steel’ build then please get in contact here.

For more information on custom orders, read on….

Each custom frame is built in house one at a time by hand. From picking, cutting and shaping the tubes right the way through to the final coat of paint, it is a full custom build and experience.

Every detail is thought over to make sure you receive a perfect bike in aesthetics, fit and ride. You can be involved as much or as little in the design process as you like – riding is about the experience and at Donhou so is the building. For each build there is a high quality illustration supplied so you know exactly what your frame/bike will look like before we start putting saw to metal.

A brief outline of the ordering process:

Once your deposit has been received and you’re in the order books, we then wait until build time approaches, where we get back in contact to begin the design and build process. We get you fitted up with one of our recommended fitters or a fitter of your choice and through discussion begin to get an idea of exactly what you want out of your new handcrafted bike.

Once we have this information we supply you with a visual of how your bike will look and this then acts as a tool to finalise your design. Maybe you’d like a little more slope on your top tube or perhaps you’d like to see what a slightly different shade of blue would look like? These are all design decisions we can address at this stage.

Once you are happy and the visual is signed off we can start cutting tubes and you can follow the goings on via our Instagram and Twitter feeds. When the frame is complete, it then goes through our in house colour lab for that final Donhou touch and is then built up by skilled mechanics, ready for collection and the road that lays in front of it.

Full builds are offered and this is encouraged as it allows absolutely every aspect of your bike to be dialled in to suit your needs perfectly.

Please get in contact here to discuss any new custom commission.



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