June 17.11 – Hampus’s Show Winner!

Hampus had just moved to London and wanted something fun to ride. Something he can roll down the towpaths on on a sunny Sunday afternoon with his wife, but also something he could drop the hammer on to do a little commuting. Coming from the forests of Sweden (the kind of place you can leave your doors unlocked) he was also a little concerned about how often not only bikes, but parts off of bikes go missing…

Low maintenance/no oil belt drive coupled to a 2 speed ‘kickdown’ hub and coaster brake deal with stopping and going. Custom plate crown forks. “Pimento stuffed” detailing in the fork tops and seat stay caps. Custom bent handle bars brazed into a bar/stem combo with further “pimento stuffed” detailing. To ease his worries about parts going missing – the bits that are left are locked in place, or cleverly thief proofed; such as the labyrinth seat post that only the owner knows how to remove with the correct series of twists and pulls…

Both me and Hampus are really stoked that this bike was the winner of the Reynolds ‘Best of Show’ at Bespoked Bristol 2011, with one of the judges having these very kind words to say about it:

“Without doubt the Donhou bike was the show stealer, the attention to detail, unique ideas and minimalist lines set it apart from allcomers. A bike that just begged to be ridden as soon as I laid eyes on it, handmade and heavenly.”

More pics in the gallery.

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