April 28.14 – Phaedra’s Award Winning Town Bike

You may have seen this build at the recent Bespoked UKHB show, where we were very pleased for it to pick up the ‘Best Utility’ award as it was built for none other than my ever patient and loving girlfriend Phaedra!

It’s a classic 3 speed town bike but with the Donhou twist. Underneath its clean and elegant looks lies a lightweight bike with road tuned geometry. Its fun to ride, quick, will let you weave through the traffic and subtle though it is, will no doubt pick up some admirers along the way.

We went with a modest build kit featuring BB5 discs, Gates CenterTrack belt system, SRAM 3 speed hub, VO finishing parts and a custom Donhou bar/stem with integrated bell mount (including a locking top cap so they can’t be stolen). All of which adds up to a bike that rides great, performs in all weather and requires minimal maintenance.

We then finished it all off in Phaedra’s favourite colour, mint green and included her much loved Golden Retriever, Rallou. Rallou lives back home in Athens, but now Phaedra can find her tucked down on her front mudguard too!

Thanks to George Marshall for the photos, more pics in the gallery.


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