Sep. 28.16 – Patrick’s stealthy town bike

Patrick wanted a town bike with a superb pedigree, but without the kind of flash that might draw too much of the wrong type of attention when ridden in the city. We created a bike with a stealthy blend of style and practicality to suit his needs.

With a frame of Reynolds 853 tubing this is a bike that’s built to be hard-wearing, without giving up too much in the weight stakes. The paint is ‘black magic pearl’ with a subtle dusting of silver for the detailing. Alongside the Donhou logos, there are also some icons dotted around the bike that have a personal meaning for its new owner. The custom integrated bar and stem, segmented fork and custom rack lend the bike a unique and retro feel.

For maximum strength, resilience and efficiency, Patrick’s build is propelled by the perfect pairing of a Gates Carbon Drive belt and Sturmey Archer 2-speed Kick Shift Coaster rear hub. Not only does this drivetrain give the bike a striking look and feel, but it also requires very low maintenance compared to chain-driven options.

As well as the belt drive which is perfect for riding in bad weather, the bike is rigged with mudguards to block as much of the road grime and water from spraying up at the rider. At this time of year, we’re sure Pat is going to get a lot of envious looks for that particular feature.

The stealthy bike is fitted with Paul componentry, while the Brooks finishing kit and Middleburn cranks round out a build that is truly one of a kind with a distinctively British aesthetic. Fast fun, built for London. 

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