October 03.13 – Donhou and Paul Smith for the Bicycle Film Festival

Donhou partnered with Paul Smith and Ridley Scott Associate Films for the launch of the Bicycle Film Festival London last night in Paul Smiths Beak Street store.

The Donhou ‘Experiments in Speed’ Bike was on display in the window, with Ridley Scotts feature film ‘Boy and a Bicycle’ playing downstairs. It was a chance to get a sneak peak at the up coming films over the weekend as part of the Bicycle Film Festival London. Including one which is of close interest to Donhou, being ‘Stayer’, a film about the motor paced racing at the Berlin 6 Day event. The film festival runs from now until Sunday, the program can be found here.

Photography from the night, Selim Korycki, courtesy of Paul Smith.



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September 27.13 – Hins Track Build

We built Hins girlfriend a sweet utility commuter, then we built Hin a cool Di2 road machine, but Hin still needed one more, he needed a street ready track bike for bombing around town. Here it is…

Hin’s a photographer and Im sure a good few of you can spot where the inspiration came from for this build. Yep, the iconic Leica camera. Built from Reynolds 953, with the top tube and head tube brushed much like on the camera, matt black paint to mimic the textured body of the camera and then highlights in the Leica red.

Geometry lends itself to fast city riding, and with a parts package including Royce, Thomson and custom bar tape and saddle recovery by Busyman, this is one awesome around town bike.

Thanks to George Marshall for the photos.




August 19.13 – Steve’s Road/Tourer

Steve saw the Donhou Rapha Continental build that was exhibited at the 2012 Bespoked Bristol show and decided that that was the perfect bike for his needs… almost.

To make the build his own he also wanted a custom rack and paint job. The frame is built from Reynolds 853 Pro Team with Donhou disc/tour dropouts and the rack is built from 4130 steel with the carbon slats to finish, matching perfectly with the Wound Up fork. There’s a really solid build kit completing the bike with a SRAM Force group set, Avid BB7 SL brake callipers, and Chris King and Thomson components to finish.

Steve’s a bit of a chocoholic and the paint job (yep, its all paint) takes inspiration from some chocolate that him and his girlfriend fell in love with when they first met.

This is one really beautiful, really functional build.

More pics in the gallery.


July 22.13 – ‘All I Want to do…’ Print

We now have the ‘All I Want to do…’ print back in stock. This time in black and red. Hand printed with the finest quality water based inks on heavy weight 320gsm locally produced paper, this is a stunning print. Stick it to the man!

Available in the Donhou web shop now.


July 9.13 – Limited Edition ‘Experiments in Speed’ T-shirt

Friend HeyGus has drawn up this cool ‘Smoke Out’ illustration of the ‘Experiments in Speed’ project and its made a great T-shirt. Printed black on white, it has a small chest print on the front and large back print featuring the bike and Zephyr… Go to the shop and support our need for speed now!


June 26.13 – The “Don Player Special”

When I handed Ian’s bike over to him he affectionately called it the ‘Don Player Special’ and the name stuck. The frame is built from “over oversized” Reynolds 853 Pro Team tubing, with a custom machined bi-lam 44mm head tube and hand carved bi-lam seat cluster incorporating Ian’s initial, visible through the rear seat stays. There is also an internally routed rear brake cable.

We went with an ENVE 2.0 fork, Campag Chorus group set, Chris King Inset, full Thomson finishing kit and Busyman supplied the awesome custom bar tape and recovered the saddle to match with gold perforations and red stitching.

Then of course there’s the paint job, with the paint taking inspiration from Ayrton Senna’s John Player Special Lotus from the mid 80′s. Next to the Gulf Porsche, one of the most iconic paint jobs of all time! I love the JPS Lotus and was so excited when Ian said he wanted to use this as his inspiration and we’re both really pleased how it turned out!

Thanks to George Marshall for the photos. More in the Gallery.




June 17.13 – ‘Experiments in Speed’ Exhibition and Premiere

Get down to Look Mum No Hands near Old Street in London for a chance to see the bike and some great photos taken by Tristan Conor Holden. Tristan has been there from the beginning documenting the project, on display are photographs from building the spoiler for the car, to early road testing and our run on the airstrip…

Full length film premier will be on the 11th July at the same location, 9.00pm.


June 10.13 – ‘Experiments in Speed’ Trailer

Experiments in speed. Inspired by those great men of the salt flats, those men that in the 60′s pushed the Land Speed Record from the 300s up towards the 600mph mark in jet propelled cars built in their sheds. We decided to do what we do; build a bicycle, but this time, in the spirit of those pioneers of speed, build it to see how fast we could go… Full length coming soon. Thanks to Spindle Productions.

May 09.13 – “100mph bike”

The 100mph bike, speed bike or any one of the working titles that has been used for this project by the people involved. Its so far been an excersise in many things; bicycle design, back yard aerodynamics, car modification, planning, location searching, etc etc… So many things have gone into this thing being built, there really is much more to this story than the bike alone. But for now, lets talk about just that…

This “speed bike” always wanted to be a bicycle, it essentially wanted to be the same as the bikes that I build for my customers. Look past the heavy drop of those minimal bars and the huge chain ring and it is essentially a “normal” bike.

Built from opposed oval Columbus Max tubing for stiffness, reducing the chance of speed wobbles as we ride at speeds not really known about on a bicycle. The “Dog legged” drive side chain stay to give room for the 104 tooth custom machined chainring and still allow perfect chain alignment (wouldn’t want to drop a chain at 70mph plus). Custom bars to put me in the perfect position to tuck in behind the draft vehicle, nothing more needed than something to hold on to as tight as you can for the few minutes it takes to get the thing up to speed. Lots of trail built into the front end for stability at high speeds and despite the huge chainring a low bottom bracket to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible to further increase stability.

Component wise, there’s the 104 tooth chainring machined for us by Royce. The bike is fixed and the rear hub has also been supplied by Royce. The brakes have been supplied by SRAM and AVID, with the disc on the front to deal with the bulk of the slowing down; wouldn’t want to cook the carbon rims slowing from high speeds. That said there is a calliper brake on the rear, this isn’t for heavy braking and is essentially to help me slow the pedals down as there’s a lot of momentum with the large chainring and all the chain. Tokyo Fixed came through with the rest of the finishing kit.

August Wheelworks dealt with the wheel build and opted to run front and rear 24 hole, lacing the hubs to ENVE SES rims with Sapim CX-Ray spokes. They even went as far as de-anodising the E13 front hub and re polishing it to match the rear! Essentially the wheels are the only part of the bike that we needed to reduce the drag in. Drafting a vehicle means the rider and the bike itself doesn’t need to be aerodynamic. On the advise of both the rim and tyre designers we chose to run tubs as there is a risk of a clincher tyre being thrown off the rim as you go into speeds that aren’t tested on bicycle components.

In all, its a bike built purely for the purpose of going as fast as we can.

Larger pics in the gallery.




April 17.13 – Good to a Hundred

The simple desire to see how fast we can go on a push bike…

This was one of those ideas that sits in your head and floats around for a while. You start to figure a few things out, starts to seem feasible but then you realise its kind of ridiculous, it never actually happens… Well, this time it did.

I can build bikes, I have a hotted up old car and where I come from there’s lots of old disused airstrips left over from the 2nd World War. All kind of made perfect sense really, build the bike, go to the airstrip, draft the car and see how she goes!

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