January 07.15 – Rebecca Kaye’s Gravel Racer

Becky had her first Donhou a couple of years back, a beautiful 650c CMYK track bike. Shortly after she comisinioned her second, but this time one that she can ride a bit further, a gravel racer suited to the wild and empty tracks and roads of the Scottish Highlands.

Becky is a very talented illustrator and I’m sure a lot of you are probably already familiar with her work. Her latest project though is the Middle of Nowhere website, documenting the wilderness of Scotland and other similarly inspiring places around the world. Its a great project with incredible photography for anyone that yearns for the empty road. For all this exploration Becky needed a suited bike and here it is all painted up in its Middle of Nowhere livery.

So that Becky has a bike thats fits and handles perfectly for her size we built it around 26″ wheels. Constructed from Reynolds 853 the frame and fork has plenty of tire clearance so it can even run treaded MTB tires if the terrain requires it. Finished with a mix of SRAM Force and Rival and running the awesome limited edition Chris King Turquoise hubs and headset its a stunning looking bike and the perfect tool for wild exploring…

As always, thanks to George Marshall for the studio shots.


December 18.14 – Signature Steel Cyclist Magazine Test

Cyclist Magazine recently had one of the Signature Steel DSS1’s on test in their January issue and had some fantastic things to say about it. Having been blown away by just how much of a joy the DSS1 is to ride and how well it handles the road, here are a few snippets to give you an idea:

“Its got ample spring in its step and a level of comfort that will save you winces if you encounter, as I did, the occasional pothole disguised as a puddle.”

“Over several weeks of testing, with a handful of other highly desirable, top-end carbon bikes sat by its side in the garage, I found myself repeatedly picking the Donhou for a ride.”

“Donhou has sincerely delivered on the promise of something ‘for all roads, all day’. Its a charming bike”

If you want to experience the amazing ride quality and feel of genuinely hand crafted steel, then you can find the full specification and pricing here.


November 16.14 – Simon’s Di2 disc road machine

We built this one for Simon who wanted an all round road bike that he could use for weekend rides and sportives, but more importantly he wanted it for a trip across the Alps.

Simon is a member of the Fireflies, a group of riders that each year ride across the alps raising money for charity and finishing their ride at the Cairns festival. We went for DA Di2 and cable operated discs brakes and a mix of Thomson, 3T finishing kit, all tied together with a light weight Reynolds 953 fillet brazed frame.

Now as this bike was being built for the Fireflies ride, we had to give it a fitting paint job. Simon wanted the Fireflies logo on his bike so we used this as the basis for the abstract beating wings design you can see here. The most important part of which is that it glows in the dark, so when Simon and the rest of the guys rode into those long alpine tunnels there’d be no mistaking who they were…


October 21.14 – Cycle Challenge Canada

A few months back we posted Ollie’s gravel tourer, that we had built him for his attempt of the world record circumnavigation of Vancouver Island.

Well, we are pleased to say that he got the record!

It was a distance of 1436 miles on a combination of road and logging tracks and trails, with 151,763ft of climbing in 15 days. If you are interested to read more, there is loads of info and pictures on the Cycle Challenge Canada Facebook page.

For the trip we built Ollie a disc equipped, thru axle’d 853 gravel tourer, featuring a totem paint design inspired by the Pacific Northwest. The bike performed flawlessly, rolling with speed and comfort and eating up the roughest of the logging roads. On asking how the ride itself was Ollie had this to say:

“It was certainly even harder than I expected, and that’s saying a lot! Not only did I get lost a few times in the pouring rain at the same time as having popped tyres and bears in the vicinity, the weather also swung right the way to the other extreme.”

The challenges that the road throws at you are often unexpected and sometimes even defeating, but its that potential of what lies out in front of you around that next corner, that however difficult that ride was today, you can’t help but get straight back on it and see just what else it has to offer tomorrow…



August 05.14 – Chris’s XCR Road Bike

This beautifully elegant Columbus XCR frame finished in a deep pearl white with a “slit of the skirt” revealing that sexy fillet brazed stainless underneath.

We went with a 44mm head tube and oversized tubes to keep the bike nice and stiff for its size and finished it with a full set of stainless badges. With a no holds barred built kit of ENVE, Chris King and Dura Ace this is a really special road bike.

Geometry wise, its fast and comfortable, short rear end coupled with a 27.2 post, nippy out of the saddle but a bit of give when you’re in it.

This bike will serve Chris for many years. If you ride out Suffolk way you may see him fly past some time, you’ll know from the flash of that pearl and stainless in the sun….

Higher resolution pics in the gallery.


July 14.14 – Yorkshire Continental

We were recently up in Yorkshire for the latest Rapha Continental ride. Amazing riding, lots of climbing and some incredible scenery. I won’t say too much as you can read more through Tom Southams words here and watch the film here, both of which give you a great view of what the Continental rides are all about.

The film features two of the Donhou Continental builds. The bike is designed for long all day riding and combines comfort and speed in a perfect mix, to create a bike that you just want to keep going further and further on. Get in contact if you would like to commission a similar build.


May 12.14 – Ollie’s Gravel Tourer

Ollie called me one morning saying he needed a bike for an adventure… He was planning to circumnavigate Vancouver Island by road and gravel track and as soon as I heard the words “Vancouver Island” I was really keen to build this bike.

My own experience of Vancouver Island is one of coming face to face with a Cougar and that’s something that stays with you. Now you see, cougars attack from above and behind, so we included a Totem paint scheme with eyes in the back and sides to protect him from those big cats! Thanks to Gus Farnes for working up the amazing illustration.

The bike sports thru axles keeping everything nice and stiff whilst loaded, cable routing suitable for the potentially muddy conditions and discs to give him plenty of comfortable stopping power in all conditions whilst loaded. The bike is built for purpose, but there has also been consideration for its life after the trip where it will see cross and touring duties.

Go to the gallery for more pics and you can learn more about Ollie’s trip here where you can also donate to help him reach his target for the Big C Appeal.


April 28.14 – Phaedra’s Award Winning Town Bike

You may have seen this build at the recent Bespoked UKHB show, where we were very pleased for it to pick up the ‘Best Utility’ award as it was built for none other than my ever patient and loving girlfriend Phaedra!

It’s a classic 3 speed town bike but with the Donhou twist. Underneath its clean and elegant looks lies a lightweight bike with road tuned geometry. Its fun to ride, quick, will let you weave through the traffic and subtle though it is, will no doubt pick up some admirers along the way.

We went with a modest build kit featuring BB5 discs, Gates CenterTrack belt system, SRAM 3 speed hub, VO finishing parts and a custom Donhou bar/stem with integrated bell mount (including a locking top cap so they can’t be stolen). All of which adds up to a bike that rides great, performs in all weather and requires minimal maintenance.

We then finished it all off in Phaedra’s favourite colour, mint green and included her much loved Golden Retriever, Rallou. Rallou lives back home in Athens, but now Phaedra can find her tucked down on her front mudguard too!

Thanks to George Marshall for the photos, more pics in the gallery.



April 14.14 – Bespoked UKHB Show Winner Best Utility

Another amazing show thanks to Phil and Tessa of Bespoked. If you didn’t get a chance to come down, you missed out, there was a lot of incredible bikes on display.

It was a great show for us as we bagged the Best Utility award! There will be more info on this award winning bike as soon as we’ve had time to get it in the photo studio…

Thanks to everyone that came down and showed their support, look forward to seeing you all at the next one!


April 13.14 – Donhou Bidons

The new Donhou Bidons now in-store.

These discreet black on black bottles look great and will compliment any bike. They have been my favourite bottle to use for a while now, with simple understated looks, a wide easy fill top and soft mouth piece, these look and feel right.

Check out the shop here.

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