April 13.14 – Donhou Bidons

The new Donhou Bidons now in-store.

These discreet black on black bottles look great and will compliment any bike. They have been my favourite bottle to use for a while now, with simple understated looks, a wide easy fill top and soft mouth piece, these look and feel right.

Check out the shop here.


March 9.14 – In the booth…

We have had some nice paint jobs go through the booth recently, including Stuart’s XCR road frame. Stuart’s hero is Bernard Hinault and in a tribute to that era he wanted to have the Mondrian pattern featured on his frame and the dates of Hinault’s tour wins.

The Mondrian design is laid over a course white pearl which makes it really pop. A lot of time was spent working up the pattern and getting the proportions right and it shows, this one really came out stunning!


February 24.14 – Chris’s Road Bike

What started out as a “winter bike” very quickly turned into a “best” all year bike when Chris decided to let go and indulge himself in the process of having a custom bike made. He’s since stated that the process of having a custom build is “some of the most bike related fun I’ve had”!

The frame is made using Reynolds 853 Pro Team tubing and is coupled to an ENVE 2.0 fork via the 44mm head tube and Chris King Inset headset. This combination works to keep the front end nice and direct. Shimano Ultegra group set and Zipp components make up the rest of the bike. Then to finish the bike off we went for a deep grey with a blue pearl fade on the front end, subtly fading from deep to neon blue. This bike really lights up always needs second look.

As for the ride, Chris tests bikes for a living and in his words: “It rides exactly how I was expecting. Forgiving but agile, light but stable. It’s everything a steel bike should be, but so much more too”.

If you want to know more about this bike and the process of having a bike built you can read about it in the April issue of Cycling Active.


‘Experiments in Speed’

Here it is, Spindle Productions short film ‘Experiments in Speed’. Spindle have been involved in this project from the beginning and I can’t say a big enough thanks for the amazing job they have done with the film. Watching it I can tell you that they capture the project perfectly. I hope you enjoy it.

There’s not much else to say, I’ll let the film do the talking, but would just like to take the opportunity to thank all the people that put a lot of effort in and helped along the way, this kind of thing doesn’t just happen. Thanks to Spindle Productions, Tristan Conor Holden, Cliff Polton and Royce, Gav Buxton of August Wheelworks for all your help, Matthew ‘Stiffla’ Sillis and the rest of you, you all know who you are, I can’t say thanks enough.

Feb 12.14 – Davids Super Commuter

Here’s Davids belt and Rohloff driven, hydraulic braked XCR super commuter. This will be seeing daily commute duties and light touring as well as being put to use out in the field. Davids a GP and the bike will be used for him to make his rounds on, so reliability was a key issue here.

The Gates Carbon drive system was used, coupled to a Rohloff hub for dependable year round use. Throw in a mix of solid finishing components and with the Gator Hardshells breakdowns will be very rare on this machine.

To keep belt tension Paragon Rocker dropouts have been used with the brushed fillet brazed Columbus XCR tubing. There’s even clearance in there for up to 35c tyres for when David wants to go a little further than his daily rounds and hit some rougher tracks…

Higher res photos in the gallery.



January 15.14 – Nicks Disc Road

Here’s Nicks disc equipped road bike, the first Donhou to take up permanent residence in Singapore. This is a comfortable all day road machine that will glide and cruise giving plenty of confidence in all conditions, but still has plenty of snap in it for when you want to let the reigns out a little.

That confidence is added to by the use of discs allowing comfortable and predictable power in all conditions. In this case we’ve ran with the TRP Hydro cable operated hydraulic discs. The rest of build kit includes ENVE forks, Chris King R45 disc hubs and headset, H+ rims, Athena groupset and Thomson stem and post.

The frame is built from a combination of 853 and 953 and is finished in a stunning electric blue pearl with dark blue, gold and white highlights – Nicks regimental colours. This bike will smooth out those South East Asian miles and see service for many years to come… Happy riding Nick.

Thanks to George Marshall for the photos. More pics in the gallery.


November 29.13 – T’s back in stock!

We’ve been low on most designs of T-shirts for a while now but all Donhou design T’s are back in stock, go to the shop to grab yours now!



November 17.13 – Robbs Gravel Grinder

Robb needed a bike that would go everywhere and deal with all his cycling needs. It was to be his commuter, his tourer, his bridle way bike, all that and still be his Sunday best too.

We went with a 853 front end and 931 rear, polished the stays and custom Donhou rear disc post mount and led the frame out with a Wound Up fork. Full Sram Red Wifli group set gives a nice wide spread of gears for when the going gets a little tougher and BB7 SL’s giving great predictable all weather loaded and unloaded braking. Other components include Hope, Thomson and Brooks and the frame is finished with a subtle “have to look twice” fade in the paint from deep red through to a dark plum across the frame.

Lots of tire clearance for those wide Jack Browns and mudguards when Robb wants to fit them, this bike is ready to tackle whatever Robb wants to through at it.

More pics in the gallery and thanks to George Marshall for the photos.






October 21.13 – Jon’s All Day Road Bike

Jon wanted a comfortable all day road bike, something he could roll quickly and smoothly through the miles on and here it is…

Built from Reynolds 853, including a steel fork and finished with 3T, Thomson and SRAM Force components and rolling on Royce hubs and H+Son rims this is a really solid build. Jon suffers from a neck injury so this needed to be taken into account when drawing up the geometry, having spoke with Jon since collecting his bike and getting some miles in earlier in the year I know he’s very happy with it.

The most striking feature on the build is the paint. Having sat down in the bar round the corner to discuss the build, we got onto paint and Jon threw down a handful of Dulux colour cards with purples, blues, lime greens and greys all on there… We spoke simple lines and a fade job I’d done on one of the bikes I displayed at Bespoked earlier in the year. This is what came of the discussion, the black hole space fade… Im scared to touch the top tube for fear of losing my hand in it!

Pics by George Marshall. Check the gallery for higher res versions…



October 03.13 – Donhou and Paul Smith for the Bicycle Film Festival

Donhou partnered with Paul Smith and Ridley Scott Associate Films for the launch of the Bicycle Film Festival London last night in Paul Smiths Beak Street store.

The Donhou ‘Experiments in Speed’ Bike was on display in the window, with Ridley Scotts feature film ‘Boy and a Bicycle’ playing downstairs. It was a chance to get a sneak peak at the up coming films over the weekend as part of the Bicycle Film Festival London. Including one which is of close interest to Donhou, being ‘Stayer’, a film about the motor paced racing at the Berlin 6 Day event. The film festival runs from now until Sunday, the program can be found here.

Photography from the night, Selim Korycki, courtesy of Paul Smith.



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