May 12.14 – Ollie’s Gravel Tourer

Ollie called me one morning saying he needed a bike for an adventure… He was planning to circumnavigate Vancouver Island by road and gravel track and as soon as I heard the words “Vancouver Island” I was really keen to build this bike.

My own experience of Vancouver Island is one of coming face to face with a Cougar and that’s something that stays with you. Now you see, cougars attack from above and behind, so we included a Totem paint scheme with eyes in the back and sides to protect him from those big cats! Thanks to Gus Farnes for working up the amazing illustration.

The bike sports thru axles keeping everything nice and stiff whilst loaded, cable routing suitable for the potentially muddy conditions and discs to give him plenty of comfortable stopping power in all conditions whilst loaded. The bike is built for purpose, but there has also been consideration for its life after the trip where it will see cross and touring duties.

Go to the gallery for more pics and you can learn more about Ollie’s trip here where you can also donate to help him reach his target for the Big C Appeal.