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Marin Museum of Bicycling | Donhou Bicycles

Jan. 13.17 – Marin Museum of Bicycling visit

We were lucky enough to visit the Marin Museum of Bicycling recently and even luckier still to get a tour from Tommy, who took us through the museum’s exhibits. With everything from the earliest velocipedes through to modern racing machines, the museum tells the story of cycling in a real and relatable way.

Where this place really shines is the MTB frames it has on show. Marin is the new home of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, with a carefully curated selection of machines that tell the story of the evolution of the modern mountain bike.

The museum is located in Fairfax, California, the heartland of mountain biking, with the legendary Repack just a mile away. The absolute highlight has to be seeing the original clunkers as raced along the infamous trail by the likes of Joe Breeze and those earliest pioneers, the Larkspur Canyon Gang.

If you’re ever in northern California, stopping by the Museum is essential for any cycling history buff. You can visit their website at: mmbhof.org

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