March 4.13 – Lukes Commuter

Here’s the latest town bike/commuter to leave the workshop. Luke had seen some of the other town bikes I’d built including Hampus’s Best of Show winner at Bespoked Bristol and wanted something similar to become his commuter. He wanted it super fast and modern, but to retain that classic charm of a town or porteur bike. This now sees daily commuting duties across London.

The frame is built from oversized Reynolds 853, matched with a DC37 fork so there’s loads of clearance for larger tyres and mudguards. It runs an eccentric bottom bracket (EBB) hooking up the single speed rear end with the Gates CarbonDrive belt system. Donhou post mounts allow the use of the┬áSram Elixir hydraulic discs with internally routed hose. Not only is the spec and component choice right on the button for the intended use, the geometry is also dialled in perfect for slipping through the traffic…

To finish it all off it had to have what has now become a signature on all the Donhou town bikes, the pierced style fillet brazed bar/stem combo. I’ve been doing these since day one on the first of the belt driven commuters and on Hampus’s show winner. There’s not been a town bike since that has left the shop with out them.

Finished in Lamborghini Grigio Telesto with white and gold detailing this bike looks as stunning as it is fun to ride…

More pics in the gallery and a big thanks to Tristan Conor Holden for taking the great shots.

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