September 10.12 – Katherines Tourer

This is my first replica, well kind of. Katherine came to me with a metallic green, fillet brazed frame with a crumpled front end. She’d had a collision with a car, luckily Katherine was ok, but the frame was a write off. It was quite an interesting frame and had significant sentimental value as her brother had built it for her many years ago. He wasn’t a frame builder, but decided he wanted to build his sister a bike and its served her well on many a shopping trip and on various tours.

Where I say replica, its not quite an exact replica, I brought it up to date for her using Reynolds 631, 1 1/8th threadless forks, proper rack mounts, stainless dropout faces, clearance for larger tyres and mudguards and finished it in a stunning deep green pearl. This will build into a great tourer and I hope Katherine and her brother are pleased with its new incarnation!