October 21.13 – Jon’s All Day Road Bike

Jon wanted a comfortable all day road bike, something he could roll quickly and smoothly through the miles on and here it is…

Built from Reynolds 853, including a steel fork and finished with 3T, Thomson and SRAM Force components and rolling on Royce hubs and H+Son rims this is a really solid build. Jon suffers from a neck injury so this needed to be taken into account when drawing up the geometry, having spoke with Jon since collecting his bike and getting some miles in earlier in the year I know he’s very happy with it.

The most striking feature on the build is the paint. Having sat down in the bar round the corner to discuss the build, we got onto paint and Jon threw down a handful of Dulux colour cards with purples, blues, lime greens and greys all on there… We spoke simple lines and a fade job I’d done on one of the bikes I displayed at Bespoked earlier in the year. This is what came of the discussion, the black hole space fade… Im scared to touch the top tube for fear of losing my hand in it!

Pics by George Marshall.┬áCheck the gallery for higher res versions…


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