Dec 18.18 – Jon’s Custom Kibosh Racing DSS3CX

To carry Jon through the 2018/19 CX season, we put together a special DSS3CX. For those of you that don’t know Jon, he’s the scarily fast CX racer you probably didn’t hear coming. His daily ride is a cargo bike, working as a messenger on the streets of London. It appears to be good training, as you can usually find him stood on the podium steps on a Sunday afternoon. And he’s probably just beaten you on his single speed set up, even though he had to stop and pump his tyre up half way through the race. He’s a real Kibosh kind of racer.

Now the DSS3 doesn’t come as a single speed option. So we had to bend the rules a little on this one and we built Jon’s DSS3 with Paragon Rockers. This allows Jon to swap between a single speed and geared set up. So while everyone else is struggling with transmission problems in the filth and mud, Jon just keeps powering on.

The frame is finished in a cool custom Kibosh splatter and subtle blue wash, making clean up a little easier if you miss a few spots! Look out for this one being sliced through the mud at a CX race this season.