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Hins road | Donhou Bicycles

July 29.11 – Hins Di2 Road Machine

Hin wanted a road bike, he wanted Ui2, he wanted it light, but durable, it needed to last him and it needed to be usable. This was going to be Hin’s best Sunday bike, one that would take him out past the rough roads of London and out into the rolling country of the Downs or Surrey Hills.

Like all Donhou’s this bike rides amazing; fast up the hills, falls into turns perfectly, tracks like an arrow and is still comfortable to ride all day, Hin will proudly testify to it.

We ran with 853 Pro Team tubing, Ui2 with a Calfee internal battery and full internal routing, keeping the bike looking clean and uncluttered. ENVE forks, HED rims and a top end finishing kit from Chris King and Thomson complete the build. Local wheel building legend Phil Saunders built the wheels, having built for national and world cup racers he’s the top man for the job. He also has a very fast daughter, CX racer Helen Wyman. So Hin knows every part of his bike has been built by people that live and even breed cycling!

Many happy miles Hin…

Thanks to Kayti Peschke for the pics and check out the higher res ones in the gallery.

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