December 30.10 – Gavs Daily

This has been a great project. Gav basically wanted a go anywhere bike. One that’s sturdy enough to drop a few curbs or maybe a couple of steps if he needs and also something that would be comfortable off road, up the disused railway track or hacking along the forest fire roads. Something else Gav said he’d been thinking about was belt drive and I was real excited by the chance to work with this. The belt drive means low maintenance and no oily jeans. The bit that makes it exciting for me is that you need to be able split the frame as you can’t split the belt like you would an ordinary chain. The solution to this was a single bolt connecting the seatstay to the custom laser cut dropout, relying simply on the spring in the steel to allow the belt to be fed through. The bike is fillet brazed using a mix of 631 and 725, it’s single speed with disc brakes, has a custom fillet brazed bar/stem combo, bottle opener dropout, laser cut Donhou bridge and we’re both big fans of segmented style forks so I built a pair of fillet brazed ones for it too. Other cool parts to finish it off is the titanium Brooks Swallow, Paul levers and the H+Son rims. We’re both really stoked with this one and I know Gav’s been loving riding it.