Feb. 23.16 – Festive 500: we have a winner!

This year Rapha asked us to put up one of our new DSS2 bikes as a prize in their annual Festive 500 competition. The premise of the contest is pretty simple, you must ride 500 kilometres in the eight days between Christmas and New Year. The winner isn’t necessarily the person who completes it fastest or goes furthest though – some 13,000 participants finished the distance this year and one rider went almost 2,500km, five times the required.

No, the winner is the most creative entry in the competition. The one that records their distance in the most unique or memorable way. And this year’s deserved winner certainly did something special.

The Cebulas, a Polish family from Poland flipped the idea of a solitary rider churning through the kms on its head by doing the whole thing together. With their 12-month-old daughter Magda towed behind them. Parents Justyna and Arek rode every day between 24th and 31st December, encountering temperatures of -9 degrees Celsius – well below freezing. Rapha thought the Cebulas’ lovely video of the experience was absolutely in the spirit of the Festive 500 and awarded them the first prize of a DSS2. 

You can watch the Cebulas’ film and read some of the other entries (including a guy who chopped off the end of his finger and still finished) over on the official Festive 500 page.


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