March 26.13 – Erics All Road Tourer

Here’s Erics Reynolds 931 all road frame and fork. Eric had a few things that he specifically wanted on this frame, a few of those were the Paragon Rocker dropouts with the Ti bolt upgrade, disc brakes and routing for his dynamo hub when he gets it.

This bike will see a lot of duty, taking on some commuting and the majority of Eric’s longer rides and touring. Designed with large tire clearance for loaded touring and to deal with the gravel roads in Sweden where Eric is from. The rocker dropouts allow’s the bike to be adaptable so it can be run single speed or geared.

Finished in a deep dark maroon pearl, with a full set of Donhou stainless badges and other brushed stainless details, this is a really beautiful and functional frame…

More pics in the gallery, courtesy of Tristan Conor Holding.

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