Jan. 06.16 – Ed’s modern classic

Ed wanted his custom-built bike to have all the performance benefits of a finely-tuned modern machine, but with a few little hints towards classic aesthetics. We found the balance between the two by adding some timeless touches like polished Columbus XCR stays and Campagnolo componentry, while the Ritchey finishing kit completes the style.

The custom frame is built with a superb quality Reynolds 853 steel tubeset and the paint scheme – made up of three complementary shades of pearl blue – is inspired by ‘IKB 79’, one of a series of monochrome canvases created by artist Yves Klein. Klein created the single-colour works as a way of rejecting representation in art and expressing his creative freedom. Hopefully Ed will feel that same sense of liberation every time he sets off on his new ride this year!

The Wound Up fork we’ve used on the bike is made using their unique filament winding technique, which creates world-leading toughness with the same lightness of carbon. The wheels are built with a combination of Chris King hubs, H+Son rims and Sapim CX-RAY spokes – not only are they fast with a great rolling feel, they’re also durable.

The Brooks C15 saddle is the first racing model in their famous Cambium range. It delivers that same balance between classic and modern – drawing on Brooks’ long history and pedigree in racing, and employing modern aerodynamic techniques to improve performance. Disc brakes with Avid BB7 SL callipers finish the job.

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