March 20.15 – Donhou Owners Ride

The inaugural Donhou Bicycles Owners Ride will take place on 17 May 2015 where we’ll be getting back to Donhou Bicycles’ roots, exploring the beautiful and tranquil roads around North Norfolk. This is the first time we’ll be getting all the bikes and owners back together in one place and look forward to sharing stories and experiences…

The finer details are yet to be finalised, but rest assured there will be cake and coffee, wonderfully empty Norfolk roads and of course we’ll be warming down in one of the many fine pubs! Most importantly, we’ll be keeping things relaxed and friendly.

When we hand over a lovingly crafted Donhou bicycle to its new owner, its the life ahead of it that is most exciting for us. This ride is our way celebrating this. Every bike we make should be unique to its owner and have a fittingly individual story that begins when you receive your completed build. As an owner, the connection between you and us doesn’t end when you wheel your machine away from the workshop. In fact, it’s just the beginning…

If you own a Donhou and haven’t heard from us yet, please get in contact to register your interest.

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