Jun 20.16 – Stu’s Belgian beauty

We built this frame for Stu, making this his second Donhou bike. He wanted us to capture some of the iconic essence of Belgium and its inextricable link to classic cycling. To do this we created a ‘blown-up’ version of the three bands of colour that appear on the Belgian flag – red, black and yellow – and applied them in a chaotic, fragmented pattern around the frame. 

Of course, Belgium wouldn’t be Belgium without some horrible weather, so the bike had to reflect that and be a real all-weather riding beast. To that end we’ve painted Stu some mudguards in the same scheme, for when the elements turn sour. We’ve also used a Parlee thru-axle fork and thru-axle disc polydrops, so the bike can run disc brakes – perfect for extra control in the wet.

The tubing underneath the paint is stainless Columbus XCR, for that brushed, deep lustre that really complements the Donhou head badge. You’ll also spot the Donhou bridge between the seat stays.

This bike will definitely go quick, but it’ll also be comfortable – one of the biggest benefits of custom steel road bikes.