August 05.14 – Chris’s XCR Road Bike

This beautifully elegant Columbus XCR frame finished in a deep pearl white with a “slit of the skirt” revealing that sexy fillet brazed stainless underneath.

We went with a 44mm head tube and oversized tubes to keep the bike nice and stiff for its size and finished it with a full set of stainless badges. With a no holds barred built kit of ENVE, Chris King and Dura Ace this is a really special road bike.

Geometry wise, its fast and comfortable, short rear end coupled with a 27.2 post, nippy out of the saddle but a bit of give when you’re in it.

This bike will serve Chris for many years. If you ride out Suffolk way you may see him fly past some time, you’ll know from the flash of that pearl and stainless in the sun….

Higher resolution pics in the gallery.