February 24.14 – Chris’s Road Bike

What started out as a “winter bike” very quickly turned into a “best” all year bike when Chris decided to let go and indulge himself in the process of having a custom bike made. He’s since stated that the process of having a custom build is “some of the most bike related fun I’ve had”!

The frame is made using Reynolds 853 Pro Team tubing and is coupled to an ENVE 2.0 fork via the 44mm head tube and Chris King Inset headset. This combination works to keep the front end nice and direct. Shimano Ultegra group set and Zipp components make up the rest of the bike. Then to finish the bike off we went for a deep grey with a blue pearl fade on the front end, subtly fading from deep to neon blue. This bike really lights up always needs second look.

As for the ride, Chris tests bikes for a living and in his words: “It rides exactly how I was expecting. Forgiving but agile, light but stable. It’s everything a steel bike should be, but so much more too”.

If you want to know more about this bike and the process of having a bike built you can read about it in the April issue of Cycling Active.

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