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Best custom CX bike at NAHBS 17 | Donhou Bicycles

Apr. 4.17 – Best custom CX at NAHBS 17

We crossed the Atlantic for the esteemed North American Handmade Bicycle Show show this year, a pinnacle in the world of frame building and are super stoked to come away with the award for ‘Best Cyclocross’ bike for our soon to be released DSS3. 

Our latest Signature Steel machine, purpose-built for cyclocross and the needs of a racer, was on display at NAHBS where we partnered with Brooks on their stand. We’re especially pleased given the rigorous judging criteria the guys at NAHBS always stick to. They have a separate category for adventure/gravel bikes – so it was nice to see the DSS3 get recognition for being a purebred CXer. A true honour!

The fact the head judge, Padraig from Red Kite Prayer, picked up on a detail as technical as this is testament to how much the panel knows about bikes!

“The lynchpin of this bike was the 3D-printed seat lug. What made it unusual was that it permitted the top tube to be heavily ovalized and when the seatstays were joined, they extended beyond the seat lug, which allowed Donhou to pass continuous derailleur housing all the way through the frame until it passed out of the seatstay and ran to the rear derailleur.”

The seat lug achieves much more than this, we’ll have more details when we’re ready to release the bike.

Personal show highlights included meeting the guys at Black Magic Paint – they’re technical ability with paint is incredible, stealing themselves the ‘Best Finish’ award.

The US has a way different perspective on custom MTB, so it was really cool to see what’s going on over there, particularly stuff like the coaster braked clunkers by Black Sheep.

Oh and it didn’t hurt being able to escape out into Moab for a ride post-show!


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