July 8.12 – Ben’s Track Frame

Ben’s a ride anything kind of guy, he has is own BMX company, Fatality BMX, but rides MTB’s, and road bikes too. He’d been dreaming up a sweet track bike for a while and had some really specific ideas. When him and his friend came to visit the workshop for the first time to discuss his bike he had a sketch book full of ideas – All the horizontals had to match; horizontal tube tube, horizontal drops, horizontal stem. Ben wanted a seat stay seat binder bolt, he wanted lugs, but something smooth and understated.

So I took the files to some long point lugs and removed just enough, filled the windows in the fork crown to get that super smooth look and fillet brazed the seat cluster to allow the super minimal seat binder bolt (dead ended so you cant tell how the seat post is held in place from non-drive side). And then to finish it all off and get all those horizontals Ben wanted finished it off with a custom bar/stem.

Super subtle with just a stainless Donhou head badge and Donhou bridge, finished in Molteni Orange, often referred to as Merckx Orange, this frame, fork, bar/stem combo looks stunning, and I know there is a great build kit with a mix of old and new waiting for this as soon as it gets home. Many happy miles Ben.

More pics in the gallery.