December 12.12 – Alanna’s Town Bike

Alanna contacted me from Berlin, her old town bike was starting to give up the ghost. She wanted something special and she wanted something lovingly built by hand, so she dropped us an email.

Among all the pictures of vintage dresses and jewellery she sent through as inspiration there was one bracelet that she truly loved, a vintage silver Art Deco piece with emerald green inlaid bands… That became the piece that shaped the bike.

There’s so much going on on this bike yet it still keeps an amazingly simple and elegant profile. The bike is a combination of fillet brazed and bi-lam construction, with internal routing for the cleverly placed Paul Racer Medium rear brake and internal routing through the stem for the front brake.

The twin seat stays take inspiration from the Art Deco period and also help replace the stiffness lost from the lack of conventional top tube. There’s a custom chain guard and we even produced a hand made stainless steel custom shifter for the Alfine 8 hub.

All in this is one unique and very pretty town bike. Take the time to go to the gallery and have a look at the rest of the images to really take it all in…

A huge thanks to Tristan Conor Holden for taking the awesome shots.

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